The Motorsport Show comes to Dublin this November

For all motorsport fans, experts, collectors and car enthusiasts — all the attractions you can't miss!

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The Motorsport Show will take place on Saturday & Sunday, 23 and 24 November at  RDS Dublin — It’s Going To Be Electric!

There’ll be a hearty display of racing cars, track-focused cars, rally cars, a live runway, a sprinkling of motorsport celebrities, four live stages and an Irish first for good measure. If you’re planning a trip to The Motorsport Show, here are some of the attractions and experiences not to be missed:

The ABB FIA Formula-E Championship 2018/2019 Winning Car

Electric cars are big news and the star of this year’s show and a first-ever appearance in Ireland for an FIA Formula-E car will be the ABB FIA Formula-E Championship 2018/2019 winning car the DS AUTOMOBILES FORMULA-E TEAM TECHEETAH DS E-Tense FE 19.

The Live Runway

Another integral part of the show will be the Live Runway. The Live Runway is an exciting addition to the event where spectators can view some of the star car attractions on display each day. Paul Swift will present specially prepared live runway displays on The MotorSport Show Live Runway.

Paul Swift is the charismatic owner/managing director of the precision driving company that bears his name. Paul has a confident yet relaxed manner and is as much at ease rubbing shoulders with the glitterati of TV, such as the Top Gear team, as he is with family and friends at his North Yorkshire home.

Paul’s CV is at least impressive, at most hair-raisingly crazy. Paul says, ‘my driving career began at the age of eight appearing alongside my father Russell and his display team’. Over the next fifteen years, as his motoring experience developed, Paul progressed to evermore entertaining stunts which eventually lead to an invitation to perform at the British Motor Show in a live-action display.

The work is varied. Paul is often in front of the cameras filming for car manufacturers or as seen with James Corden for He recently completed an advert for Shell where he zigzagged down the Andes avoiding a gigantic metallic monster and Top Gear Live viewers saw him performing a stunt beneath an archway of JCB diggers. He also appears at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and enjoys the Christmas Stages Rally at Croft.

Even if you are not a fan of motorsport Paul’s awe-inspiring driving abilities must surely peak interest in what comes next.

Martin Donnelly

A motorsport legend will grace the show in the shape of Martin Donnelly. The Motorsport Show will celebrate and discuss his illustrious and challenging career and marks over 30 years since the beginning of Martin’s racing career.

Celebrating Sixty Years of the Mini

For those who ever owned one – or for those who wish they did – the Mini remains one of the most iconic cars in motor production. With its peppy engine and bubble-car styling, the Mini offered affordable motoring in a fun style to millions around the world.

Mention the words ‘Mini racing’ and one famous moment will immediately spring to mind for most enthusiasts; the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally win by a Cooper, piloted by Paddy Hopkirk. The tartan red Mini with a white roof, numbered ‘37’, flying through the difficult, snowy terrain, clinching the lead during the notorious Col de Turini stage.

In addition to Mini displays by Paul Swift on The Motorsport Show Live Runway over the weekend, there is also a very special 60th-anniversary parade planned for Sunday, November 24th.

More Celebrity Guests

Martin Donnelly won’t be the only famous face to appear at The Motorsport Show. A host of motoring and sports stars will be at the show.

Off The Ball Live Panel

The Off The Ball team will be hosting live panels during the show including interviews with some star guests and very special guests.

Colin Clark’s Kitchen Table LIVE!

Colin Clark’s Kitchen Table is going live at The Motorsport Show where a lively and entertaining selection of interviews will be taking place over the weekend.

Thoughts from the Kitchen Table - Breen, Paddon, Rovanpera, Electrification and more

Sponsorship and The World of Motor Racing Conference

If you race, race cars run on funding, not on fuel! A Sponsorship and The World of Motor Racing Conference will also be part of the weekend activities. Free to all visitors at The Motorsport Show, the conference will feature a selection of interviews, panels and workshops with national and international sponsors, team principles alongside marketing and data experts to advise you and try to guide you to find the most valuable motor racing fuel of all, sponsors.

Star Cars

It almost goes without saying that a dazzling array of cars will be present at the show.

The Future Of Motorsport Arena

The future is not something that happens to us but something we can create. The Future of Motorsport Arena will offer visitors and curious minds an opportunity to engage and join in on a journey and discussions about the future of motorsport.

Jigs & Wheels Pop-Up Pub

The Jigs & Wheels Pop-Up Pub will open its doors at The Motorsport Show. Drop-in for some refreshments if you need or are in need of some rest and relaxation. This is also your chance to get up close with some of The Motorsport  Shows team’s favourite cars and if you’re lucky, you might just meet a member of the team in person. The theme and message for The Jigs & Wheels Pub will be NEVER EVER DRINK AND DRIVE.

The Motorsport Show at RDS Dublin

Saturday & Sunday — 23 & 24 November  | RDS Simmonscourt — Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

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