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New for 2020: JC Stewart

JC Stewart, self-confessed 'Professional Sadboy' craft songs about his own experiences of love and heartbreak that explode from intimate confessionals into bold anthems.

New for 2020: Inhaler

Dublin quartet Inhaler are firmly cementing their name as one of the most exciting new bands to see live and a rapidly expanding diehard fanbase.

New for 2020: Uly

Received as a fresh and unique addition to the local Irish independent music scene, Uly combines a love of old-school deep soul, jazz, funk, dusty production quality and topped with some pop sensibilities.

New for 2020: Lennon Stella

Singer, songwriter, actress, and multi-instrumentalist, Lennon Stella catalogues her life in real-time with a pen, piano, and guitar transposing momentary feelings of longing, loss, love, nostalgia, and bliss into delicate, dynamic, and diaristic pop music.

New for 2020: Lydia Ford

Originally from Co. Mayo, Lydia Ford writes dreamy and sincere pop songs that balance light, airy musicality with deeper and more introspective lyrics.

New for 2020: Malaki

19-year-old rapper Malaki synthesises a rich and original interpretation of Dublin life and seamlessly fuses personal expression with a sharp social and political critique.