Review: Passenger Live intimate show at Vicar Street, 21 June

Following his Whispers Tour in 2014,  Passenger announced earlier this year he would play two live intimate shows, one in Glasglow and the other in Dublin. The two intimate shows were to be warm up shows prior to his busy run of UK and European festival appearances this summer.

On Sunday (21 June) Passenger arrived at Dublin’s Vicar Street to play his second live intimate show after playing in Glasglow two days previous.
Doors opened at 7:30pm and excited fans filled up Vicar Street by 8:00pm.

At 8:00pm Dublin band Hudson Taylor took to the stage and opened the show with their single ‘Chasing Rubies‘.

Hudson Taylor informed the crowd that Passenger had only asked them to be support for the gig four days prior to the gig and they were been really excited to be supporting him on the night.

The crowd loved the duo’s performance. They sure were the perfect support act for this intimate gig and they did a great job at warming up the crowd! I was really impressed by Hudson Taylors performance as I hadn’t heard them play live before and I made sure to spend the next day listening to all their tracks on their youtube channel.


Close to 9:00pm, Passenger (Mike Rosenberg) the man who everyone was waiting for came onstage alone with his guitar to the loud cheers and applause from the Vicar Street Crowd!

From the beginning of his performance to end, I was amazed by the talent, and passion I saw on stage. Throughout the show passenger played a wide variety of his songs. In between songs, he also told us a few funny stories and a few serious touching ones.

In between one of his songs a guy whistle ‘swit swoo’ and Passenger responded ” why is it only guys that I get that from at concerts”!Passenger was super at handling the crowd , no matter what was shouted up from the crowd, he always had a funny response!

Passenger made a joke referring to the song  ‘Let it go‘ from the kids Disney movie Frozen, saying it’s not as good as his song ‘Let Her Go‘ and he even burst into singing the catchy Frozen song! The crowd loved it.


He finished on a high with an old classic ‘Holes‘ after leaving the stage but returning for one more song after the crowd continued to sing and chant for his return.

I loved the concert and can’t wait until he returns to Dublin again. This talented, witty, and funny musician is one you have to see perform live.

Photos: Margo Beirne