Daft Punk split: Their best videos 🤖

To cheer us all up in the aftermath of the news of Daft Punk’s break up, we take a look back at some of the duo’s most striking visuals.

After 28 years filled with iconic moments and having changed the face of dance music forever, the legendary Parisian pair have decided to call it a day. We’re now resigned to the fact that we won’t be getting any new music or video’s from the men behind the helmets, so let’s look back and listen to some of the amazing songs and ground-breaking visuals they’ve left us with.

Da Funk

Around The World

Harder, Better, Faster

From the album ‘Discovery’ (2001)

One More Time


Robot Rock

Prime Time Of You Life

Lose Yourself To Dance


The Daft Punk break up was announced with the 8 minute long video ‘Epilogue’.

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