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If you have registered for our Harry Styles invitation presale, then you will receive an email by midnight tonight confirming if you have been successful in our ballot for codes. Please note that registering does not guarantee that you will be invited and receive a code.

For those who are successful, there’s no easy way to say this - tomorrow is going to be tough. Even with the invitation presale process, there are an enormous amount of real fans who love Harry Styles and we expect tickets will go extremely fast – likely in minutes. But being part of the invitation presale means your competition is your fellow fans. NOT BOTS. If you are successful, your code will arrive in the morning.

Click here to read FAQs

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In the meantime, give yourself the best opportunity to purchase tickets by reading up on our tips below.


The presale begins tomorrow, Wednesday 14th June, at 9am. It’s a simple, standard purchase process.

1. If you have been successful in the ballot, you’ll receive an email tomorrow morning, prior to the presale at 9am. This email will include timing and event details, and a link to where you can purchase your tickets, as well as your unique offer code. You’ll receive the email 2-4 hours before the presale.

2a. For Ticketmaster purchases

Sign-in to your Ticketmaster Account in advance: know your Ticketmaster password (or reset it in advance).
Make sure you have a valid credit card with updated billing information in your account. Need to update credit card or billing information?Go to My Account

2b. Non-Ticketmaster Purchases

Not all events are sold on Ticketmaster. While requirements vary depending on the ticket provider, proactive account setup with a valid credit card and updated billing information is generally encouraged.

3. When the presale begins at 9am Wednesday 14th June, click the link you were sent in the email at the appropriate time.

4. Enter your unique offer code in the space labeled “Offer Code”. Make sure you enter the code exactly as it appears in the email you receive.

5. Tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and are NOT guaranteed. Do not exceed the ticket limit of four (4) per event.  Anyone found to have purchased more than 4 tickets per event may have all tickets refunded without notification.

6. For faster checkout, make sure all billing and credit card information are up to date prior to the start of the presale.

For more information about the invitation presale please read the full FAQ.

Good luck!