Anachronica | The Generator in the Woods| Electric Picnic 2016

Electric Picnic 2016 2nd – 4th September 2016
The Generator in the Woods

There is something strange and mysterious happening down in the woods. Concealed among the trees are the remains of an abandoned and forgotten city left over from a time unfamiliar.

Incredibly these broken and somewhat dilapidated buildings looming menacing amongst the trees are not completely deserted. Hidden and lurking amongst the shadows the remaining inhabitants of a forgotten race are busy, secretly running and maintaining what can only be described as a huge “power generating machine“.
Its primitive but ingenious pistons are skilfully engineered from recycled materials, everyday objects discarded from previous generations, salvaged and adapted to turn cogs, pull levers and drive belts, which all connect to other strange mechanical apparatus. Steam hisses and blows out of exposed holes and cracks as the whole mechanism grinds methodically.

What fuels this mysterious machine and even its purpose is yet unknown. Known only to the secret society that operates it. But what is clear is that, whatever its purpose, it seems to have a hypnotic effect on the people of the 21st century, drawing them in from afar to dance to the power.

Enter Anachronica the mesmerising beat in the forest that promises to entertain Picnickers when the lights have dimmed in the main arena until the early hours. Each night once the pistons have cranked into action the music will pulsate and pull picnickers into the forest all weekend from 10pm.

Friday 2nd September will see All City Records Presents kick proceedings off with Subject Dublin’s Lee Kelly, Daire and Sonel and Frank B on their stellar line up.

Saturday night will see District 8 Presents taking over the decks. District 8 is a pop-up club night who often run gigs in the Tivoli Theatre on Francis St, Dublin 8. Operating for just a few months throughout the year, the space has hosted world renowned DJs and live performances since 2014. Catch their line-up of Cailin, Aeron and Rift B2B and Nathan Jones keeping Picnickers dancing until the small hours.

Cork favourites Sunday Times Presents will wrap up Electric Picnic 2016 on Sunday with Gilbert Steele, Kenny Hanlon and Sunday Times DJs. Sunday Times have the people of Cork dancing their socks off once a month for close to 7 years now and occasionally bring their beats on tour to festivals so make sure you catch them this September!