David McSavage – A Sacred Cow

As a fan of The Savage Eye series, tickets for David McSavage were an excellent stocking filler present last year.

The Olympia had major renovation during 2016 and we enjoyed a pre-show drink in the Portrait Bar under the gaze of some of Ireland’s acting greats when we went to see A Sacred Cow last weekend.

First up, Aidan Bishop resident MC of The International Comedy Club and brother of Des, got us laughing and everyone was in good form as we waited for Mr McSavage to arrive on stage.

David had put together a video to start the show that had worked during rehearsal, but wasn’t co-operating for the live event. He then launched into tales about men and machinery which were totally hilarious before moving on to anecdotes about people from the various regions of Ireland. We had a row of visitors from one of these places, sitting behind us who took it all in good spirits and the place was alive with side splitting laughter. He held the crowd all night, told great stories interspersed with some song and we did eventually see his video. This isn’t a show for the faint hearted and at times I wondered what his mother who was also in the audience was thinking as he got into some gritty gags.

He is edgy and loves a bit of controversy. Well able to manage the odd heckle from the crowd, David had us laughing all night long – no mean feat.

If you are up for a night of often side splitting laughter David McSavage puts on a cracking show. He plays Dolans Warehouse, Limerick and Spirit Store, Dundalk in May. Tickets on sale now – David McSavage tickets