Review: The Puissance at Dublin Horse Show

The Dublin Horse Show at the RDS provides a great day out every year. The event features horse-riding displays in various arenas, food and drinks stalls, retail stalls and many restaurants and bars. International showjumping events such as the ‘Aga Khan’ Competition and ‘The Puissance’ take place in the main arena.


Last Saturday, 8 August, I went to see ‘The Puissance’ competition, an event which features many international competitors jumping over a high wall. The wall is raised after each round and competitors who don’t clear the wall are gradually eliminated.


Fifteen international riders took part in the competition on Saturday, including Daniel Coyle, Greg Patrick Broderick, Jason Higgins, Billy Twomey, Gabriel Corless, Vincent Byrne and Liam O’Meara.

Only Sameh El Dahan from Egypt and Andres Rodriguez from Venezuela cleared the wall measured at 7″1′ in the third round. The competition went to a fourth round jump off where the wall was raised to a height of 7″3′. These pictures of the men building the wall put the extreme height of the jump into perspective!


Sameh El Dahan cleared the wall, received by roaring cheers from the crowd.


Rodriguez’ horse refused to jump the first time but tried again and cleared the wall much to the surprise of the crowd!


Sameh El Dahan won and Andres Rodriguez was awarded second prize. Here is a picture of El Dahan completing a lap of honour after the presentation.


What an exciting day! In my opinion ‘The Puissance’ is the most exciting event at the Dublin Horse Show!