Will ‘The Mad Dash Home’ Triumph At The Box Office?

Fans of TV’s 50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy are dying to see the latest blockbuster from Dublin Bus, an online film called The Mad Dash Home. The action-packed three-minuter pits bad boy Baz against his 70-something-year-old mammy, Nancy, in a bid to see which of them can get home first. The catch? He’s in a rally car, while she’s on the 39a! Oh… and did we mention the traffic is brutal?
It’s a hectic, thrill-a-minute ride from one side of Dublin to the other. Baz mischievously taunts the ever-dignified Nancy every chance he gets. Of course Nancy plays it cool, clutching her trademark red handbag all the while. Who emerges victorious? Come on! You should know better than to expect spoilers from us!
If you enjoy the special dynamic between the duo on telly, you’ll love this online gem. Sure, it’s a piece of branded content from Dublin Bus and it’s designed to tell us about the folks at Central Control, the nerve centre of Dublin Bus operations – but it really doesn’t feel like it. It feels mainly like three minutes of fun and craic as a frantic Baz tries to navigate Dublin’s congested streets while Nancy’s bus is guided expertly by the cool-headed Central Control team and ace driver, Angie (billed as ‘The Bus Whisperer’, no less). It’s a witty little film that packs a lot of heart into its three minutes.
In short, go check out The Mad Dash Home below . You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll probably get the bus a bit more often in future. (Wink, wink…)