tmBlog chats to Stig Edgren, Concept & Executive Producer of ‘The Sessions’ – A Live Restaging Of The Beatles At Abbey Road Studios



What songs/albums do we hear the band record during the show?

We cover 12 albums and 60 songs spanning their entire career – most of the “milestone” moments – all based on actual events.


Can you give us an insight into the amount of research that was done in bringing this show to life?

This show has been in the works for 6 years. It is a massive project and the most complicated undertaking I have ever produced. It is also personal -cutting songs is gut wrenching. I only look to give the audience the best experience possible – an unforgettable night.


How much detail went into replicating the Abbey Road studios?

The main set is built around the Control Room wall, and the other 3-sides are the “magic” of this show – a see-through gauze that the audience experiences a 3D effect, replicating the walls of Studio 2.


Why did you decide to have all four characters in silhouette for the show?

From the beginning it was never to be a “look-a-like” show, but a sound-a-like show. Thinking of this whole show as a “fantasy”, I liked the interesting aspect of our performers being audio and visuals characters.


Will the show give us an insight into the relationship the band had or is it more focused on the music?

Mostly music -the close bond of recording together day-to-day – but you will see some insights to their personalities.


Why did you choose to have this intimate show at arenas such as 3Arena, Dublin and The SSE Arena, Belfast?

Because we wanted to reach the family in an arena setting, which also means a spectacle – seeing a re-creation of The Beatles in these venues, and hearing the sound of The Beatles, what they may have sounded like live – it will be the closest thing to hearing The Beatles play live.


Can you outline the key elements that had to be considered when creating this show?

Music, Music, Music – – Vocals, Vocals, Vocals – – accuracy!!


How did Geoff Emerick’s experience working with The Beatles contribute to the authenticity of the show?

He is authentic, with an incredible story and journey. Although these events took place over 50 years ago, his recollection is fantastic.


Visually, what can we expect from this show?

We have some of the finest visual creators and designers in the world working on the show, who will bring the audience into a world of color and visuals.


How would you describe ‘The Sessions – A Live Restaging of The Beatles at Abbey Road Studios’ experience in five words?

Music. Songs. Vocals. History. Fantasy.


What was your favourite part of creating this show?

Simply, The Beatles.


The Sessions – A Live Restaging of The Beatles at Abbey Road Studios comes to The SSE Arena, Belfast on 3 April and at 3Arena, Dublin on 4 April. Don’t miss your chance to see this spectacular show. Tickets are on sale now!