Review: The Field at The Gaiety Theatre

The 50th Anniversary Production of The Field opened at The Gaiety Theatre, Dublin on 23rd April and has been extended until 30th May due to popular demand!

The play is based on the true story of the 1959 murder of Moss Moore, a bachelor farmer in Co. Kerry.


The play was set in an old country pub and told a story about a widow called Magie Butler who decided to sell her field as she struggled with her finances. The field was set to go up for public auction with Mick Flanagan in charge of the sale. The Bull McCabe and his son Tadhg had been renting the field for the past five years, grazed their cattle on the land and felt they were entitled to it. But the Bull and his son Tadhg were not prepared to pay the asking price for the field. The Bull thought no one will go up against them in the local community for the field.

The play took a turn for the worse when an outsider (William Dee) decided to bid on the land and pushed the Bull and his son Tadgh to their limit. The Bull and Tadgh were prepared to kill for what they thought was rightfully theirs.


Last night ( 11th May ) I attended The Field at The Gaiety Theatre and I really enjoyed the production.

There was one main stand out moment for me on the night. This was the brutal murder scene. This scene was set at the field itself and had a dark cold smokey set effect. It was extremely powerful and slightly frightening. It made the murder very realistic to the entire Gaiety audience.

Overall The Field was an amazing production with hilarious laugh out loud moments throughout.

Michael Harding who played The Bull McCabe was outstanding. Check out all  the cast members here.

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