One More Sleep:Increase your chances of getting 1D tickets

There is only one more sleep till the biggest band in the world, One Direction tickets go on sale.
The demand for tickets is extremely high and, although we can’t guarantee that everyone will get tickets, we’re here to help you increase your chances of getting tickets on the big day with our simple ticket buying tips.

Want to Increase your chances of being at the show in October? Take notes, read carefully and you could be walking away with One Direction tickets tomorrow.



Open an account now/check  if your account works.

One of the main problems fans face during on sales is forgotten passwords, wrong delivery addresses or having to set up an account, which adds to your purchase time. It’s really stressful when this happens to you. You can avoid this by setting up your Ticketmaster account – before tickets go on sale – now at  and/or testing your account and checking your passwords, payment details and delivery details well before the 1D onsale.

This way, if there are any problems, you’ll have time to resolve them!  Remember, as an added security measure we only post to the billing address of the card you pay with. Please select the correct Country for your billing address and don’t forget if your billing address is Northern Ireland then you must select your delivery method as Northern Ireland.

While you’re there it’s worth adding artists to your favourites lists, so you will be the first to know about any upcoming events in the future.

Resist the temptation, do not refresh your screen!

Good things come to those who wait.  It is frustrating but demand will be extremely high tomorrow as lots of you will be accessing tickets.
At TM we have sophisticated systems designed to manage and process ticket purchases as quickly as possible.  As part of this process, we sometimes have to put in place a virtual queue; this means it’s better to stay put in the queue and wait until you reach the front because if you refresh you’ll lose your place and go to the back! Years of experience have shown this system is the safest and fairest way of giving fans access to tickets.
So when you see the page below, please stay put and don’t refresh!


No one likes to queue, but please stick with it, and when tickets are available, you’ll get your chance.

Be careful, don’t use multiple windows

In short, use only one window in one browser! Using too many windows can result in honest fans being temporarily blocked from the site and unable to get tickets. This is because the website might suspect that you are a ticket tout or an automated system attempting to secure tickets and not a real person or fan.  Automated attempts to buy tickets are something we are continuously monitoring to make sure tickets reach real fans.

 Advice for when tickets come available

When selecting your ticket location option we advise that you select `Best Available’.

Firstly, double check the time of the onsale on our website or on our social media channels and . For One Direction, tickets go on sale at 09:00 on Saturday 6 December.
Make sure to keep a close eye on our Twitter page as we send real time updates about what is happening during an on sale on our @TicketmasterIre twitter account. This is particularly useful if there is a system problem, or new dates comes on sale, so follow us for regular information and links.

Why do some people get tickets and others not – how does the system work?

Although we work hard to make the ticket buying process easy and as fair as possible for fans, there’s often more demand for tickets than there are tickets actually available for sale.
That said, sometimes we get extra dates or extra tickets released in the run up to a tour, especially when demand is high. Stay close and monitor our @TicketmasterIre twitter feed for best availability and to see if extra tickets have come available.
The One Direction On The Road Again tour ticket sale opens at 09:00 on Saturday 6 December 2014.

For full details please visit