Cool music genres you probably didn’t know existed

Dive into some of the most specific, different and obscure micro-genres in music while at home.

It’s somehow easy to pinpoint the most commonly known music genres – even if you don’t like them, we all can generally name a few.

Somewhere in between making new music and experimenting with sounds, artists and musicians worldwide while exploring new concepts and mixing existing tunes with new aesthetics or even technological glitches, end up creating some fascinating new music genres.

We listed a few of these amazingly specific, obscure, different and exotic music genres available – so you can explore and possibly discover something new while at home.


Think of minimalist ambient music.

Glitch Hop

All those glitch aesthetics of imperfect sounds combined with hip hop storytelling.


Exactly what it sounds like: the perfect combination of electronic music and folk.

Cloud Rap

A sub-genre of rap: rapping over ambient music.

Cute Metal

What happens when you mix heavy metal with anime & horror? Metal meets Japanese pop.

Horror Country

All those country sounds carrying darker topics such as demons and ghosts.

Chill Wave

Nostalgic retro pop with faded dreamy sounds and mellow vocals.