Live: Jape at The Academy, Dublin – 19 February 2015

Last Thursday, 19 February 2015, Jape fans descended on The Academy to hear the brand new album, ‘This Chemical Sea’ live. There is always a bit of excitement heading to a Jape gig because you know you’re in for some serious dancing.

As expected there was a great deal of hype surrounding this gig hence, there wasn’t a ticket to be got. Arriving on stage about 9pm and launching straight into ‘Breath Of Life’ from the new album, then mixing it up with ‘Ocean Of Frequency’ from the 2011 album of the same title, the gig got off to a great start.

The set-up on the stage was really cool. From where I was standing it looked like there were two drummers (although one had more tools than the other) so when they were playing in tandem it looked like one drummer was the mirror reflection of the other. This would’ve made for a very cool music video.

Jape Academy

Jape – The Academy

Highlights for me included ‘Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon’ dedicated to Richie’s cousin, moving to Canada, and ‘Seance Of Light’. At this stage I didn’t think it could get much better. It did! The guys finished up with a very electronic version of ‘Floating’ which was just incredible. They came back on for a two song encore, ‘If I Was A Man’ and the slowed it right down, bringing the gig to an appropriate end with ‘This Chemical Sea’.

Jape Seance of Light

Jape live – they never disappoint. You can view the full set-list here.

Check out the new album on Spotify now.

You’ll catch Jape live at Ériu this St. Patrick’s Eve and at Sea Sessions this summer.