James Vincent McMorrow – Trinity Summer Series

We went along to see James Vincent McMorrow at Trinity College Park as part of the Summer Series. Here's how we got on.

Right in the heart of Dublin City you will find Trinity College, home to thousands of students and a huge attraction for tourists both young and old. For the first time, the Trinity grounds were opened to music fans for a Summer Series filled with great acts. Friday night, the second night in the series saw James Vincent McMorrow headline with All Tvvins opening.

Through the subtle entrance and down a tree lined walkway, you eventually arrive at the concert site. The grass is completely covered so there is no fear of mud and rain ruining your favourite pair of shoes. Thankfully though, the weather was dry for the evening so people could relax and enjoy the sunshine. With an array of food and drink options to choose from, it really couldn’t get any better.

All Tvvins played support. An Irish alternative band from Dublin, this band have a great sound that every type of audience will enjoy. They had the crowd bopping to all their hits. By the time they left the stage the arena had started to fill up nicely and you could feel the excitement as people knew who was about to come out.

As soon as James Vincent McMorrow walked on stage along with the rest of his band the audience were quick to silence. It was clear that these were his fans ready and waiting for a great show. Having listened to his music, the words mellow always come to mind, this show was anything but. The energy from him, the band and the audience made for a fantastic atmosphere. He played all of his biggest songs, only choosing to play one off his latest album, almost apologising for doing so. Not that the audience cared, they probably would have stood and listened to him play every song he’s ever written.

As the set progressed McMorrow really began to settle into his own. Despite saying he didn’t want to bore the audience with chatter, he still told tales of when he would sit at Trinity when he was younger and found it hard to believe that he was on stage there now. By the end, you could tell that he had finally realised that the audience had turned out to see him and hear his music. With it being his biggest show to play, you could understand if he felt a little overwhelmed, not that he seemed nervous at all.

Finishing off with ‘If I Had A Boat’ just as the moon began to rise in the sky, the audience left Trinity full of highs from a night of truly great music.

With such a great venue, location and range of acts here’s hoping the Trinity Summer Series becomes a permanent fixture on the Irish summer calendar.