Discover the Artist: Sophie Doyle Ryder

The Irish pop singer and songwriter writing from personal stories and expressing her independence as a young female artist.

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Sophie Doyle Ryder, 17,  is Irish a pop singer and songwriter born in Dublin. Sophie has sung her entire life, with inspiration from artists like Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. She grew up listening to a lot of artists such as Coldplay, The Cure, Depeche Mode, and Queen. Malahide gal Sophie Doyle Ryder released her debut single ‘MOOD’ in 2019, a glimpse into her ultimate independence as a female artist.

Genre: Pop

From: Malahide, Ireland.

Latest Release: Single ‘Enough’

Style: Sophie’s songwriting is always personal, always about a real situation whether it’s her own personal story or friends. She finds that songwriting is a form of therapy. She’s been writing ever since she was 10.

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Listen to… her debut single ‘Mood’

Watch… the video for ‘Enough’. Described as a self-empowering non-apologetic break-up song, Sophie’s sound continues to express her independence as a young songwriter.

Sophie Doyle Ryder -Enough (Official Music Video)


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