Discover the Artist: Petrol Girls

The feminist post-hardcore punk band that strong advocates freedom of movement, anti-capitalism and intersectional feminism.

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Petrol Girls are named after Pétroleuses, mythical women of the Paris commune who allegedly set fire to private property with Molotov cocktails made from milk bottles, and rejected traditional gender roles. The inspiration came from a talk on Women and Protest given by writer Laurie Penny, who loosely translated Pétroleuses to Petrol Girls.

Genre: Feminist Post-hardcore punk

From: Originally formed in London, with members from Austria, Lithuania and the UK, now based all over the place.

Latest Release: New album ‘Cut & Stitch’ out now.

Style: Rooted in a DIY music community that has always combined politics with punk rock, Petrol Girls are part of counter-culture challenging mainstream values like nationalism and the gender binary, and the oppressions that these ideals promote.

Their music frequently toys with unusual time signatures and harmonic movement, with screaming and harsh angular rhythms to sad and desperate melodic moments or raging anthemic choruses. The lyrics grow from direct experiences and genuine questions, pushing beyond repetitive slogans to provoke meaningful conversations about what we’re actually going to do to change something.

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Listen to… ‘Cut & Stitch’ album.

Watch… ‘Big Mouth’


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