Be part of Bon Jovi 2019 Tour

Ahead of Bon Jovi's return to Dublin this June 15 & 16 at the RDS Arena check out how you can be part of their tour and the behind the scene videos.

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Submit your Bon Jovi memories using the hashtag #BonJoviMemories on social media and you could make it onto the big screen as Bon Jovi tour through Europe!

If you’re coming to a show, let us know which one by also including #citybonjovi (i.e. #dublinbonjovi). This will increase the chances of seeing your face on the big screen at the Dublin show!

Not only will you have a chance to be featured at Bon Jovi concerts, Bon Jovi and MCD will also be sharing submissions on social media accounts and websites.

Here are just a few ideas you can share with us; feel free to be as creative as you want! Videos and photos will both be accepted.

  • Why you’re the biggest Bon Jovi fan on the planet!
  • How/why you became a Bon Jovi fan
  • The story of your favourite Bon Jovi memory
  • Multiple generations of Bon Jovi fans
  • Photos of you at a Bon Jovi concert
  • What “This House Is Not For Sale” means to you

A few things to remember:

Your profile must be set to public
Use the hashtag #BonJoviMemories

We’re excited to see your #BonJoviMemories!


Check out some behind the scenes for the upcoming tour:


Bon Jovi is bringing the ‘This House Is Not For Sale’ tour to RDS Arena on June 15 & 16. Tickets on sale here.