Reviewed: One Man, Two Guvnors

After a incredibly successful run in London and then New York, Richard Bean’s One Man, two Guvnors lands in Dublin at Bord Gais Energy Theatre, for 7 days. The show is a blast from the 1960s, from the Buddy Holly-esque band which opens and close the show, to the swirling decor of the sets, and the pinstriped suits.

The award winning comedy play is set in 1960s Brighton, where we find a confused Francis Henshall (Gavin Spokes) who manages to become employed by two guvnors at the same time! Roscoe Crabbe, a local gangster and Stanley Stubbers (Patrick Warner) an upper class criminal. However Roscoe Crabbe turns out to be Roscoe’s sister Rachel Crabbe (Alicia Davies) in disguise. Roscoe had been previously killed by none other than Rachel’s lover Mr Stanley Stubbers.

Last night the crowd watched Francis try to keep his two guvnors from meeting in order for them to avoid finding out he was working for someone else. The comedy hits its peak at the end of the first half when we saw the famous scene where Francis is required to serve two dinners simultaneously. Francis bounced between the two masters like a ping – pong ball. This is where the audience members met Alfie (Michael Dylan), an 87 year old waiter with arthritic limbs and an unfortunate fondness for standing behind soon to be swung open doors.

The play also included scenes where members of the audience were recruited into the play. Last night, having invited two members of the audience on stage to help move a trunk, Francis found himself coping with two slightly shy lads. And, when he begged a sandwich from the front rows, someone unexpectedly had a hummus sandwich for him! without losing his cool, Francis turned to the crowd and said “who carries a hummus sandwich to a theatre with them”? it was precisely that air of spontaneity that kept the show fresh.

One man, two Guvnors was truly a laugh out loud comedy play with many good jokes played by all the actors. If you are looking for a good old giggle see here for more information on dates and venues or check out the trailer below.