Review: Revolution 1916 Exhibition at The Ambassador Theatre, Dublin

To celebrate the centenary The Ambassador Theatre on O’Connell Street, Dublin are hosting a Revolution 1916 exhibition.

The aim of the exhibition is to give visitors an insight into what life was like during the Easter Rising in 1916. The walls inside the theatre feature detailed paintings of scenes from 1916 Ireland. These features were hand-painted and took six weeks to complete.

The exhibition started with a short video about the 1916 Rising with information about influential leaders such as James Connolly. Visitors then walked through a series of rooms that displayed a collection of over 500 genuine artefacts from 1916, all on loan from the Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation. The walls featured information about important events and biographies of influential Irish individuals involved in the Easter Rising.


There were many interesting artefacts to be seen including an original 1916 Proclamation, weapons, Irish Volunteers’ uniforms, letters written at the time of the rising, Michael Collins’ car and revolver and much more.



The exhibition concluded with a tour through exact replica buildings of Kilmainham Gaol and the stonebreakers yard, The G.P.O. and Moore Street.



The Revolution 1916 exhibition at The Ambassador Theatre takes place from March-September 2016. Tickets are on sale now.