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New Music: Naaz

Check out the Dutch singer / producer challenging who gets to do what with her own brand of quirk-pop.

Naaz grew up listening to the music her brothers liked. Ranging from Eminem to Red Hot chilli Peppers. At 13 she began to teach herself guitar and piano to help her with her songwriting. Having said that she has never limited herself to the use of traditional instruments, she finds inspiration in everyday objects, from the tap of a spoon on a tea cup to the rattle of keys.

The first live show Naaz ever saw was Tove Lo & along with Lorde she remain a big influence on Naaz’s work. Another huge inspiration for the aspiring producer is Kanye West.

“ I think Kanye taught me how you can do so much with so little. When I listened to his music I just thought – I need to learn how to produce.”

Born in Holland to Kurdish parents; Naaz faced some challenges in the early days from some people who questioned her decision to pursue career in music. They laughed at her childhood fantasies but she persevered and refused to listen to anyone who said her dream wouldn’t become a reality. Her hard work and determination has paid off.

Her debut album “Bits Of Naaz” which dropped earlier this year was written almost entirely in her bedroom – the cover was shot by her brother interrupting one of her lengthy writing sessions. The album is a powerful brew of tender odes to growing up and self-discovery. The name of the album stems from her feelings about the world she lives in. She will never show just one version of herself to the world, she is always developing as an artist so the world will only get bits of Naaz each time she releases something new.

Her favourite song to play live is “Can’t”. “I just get so “emo” on stage when I sing that song”. Check out the full video below:


Naaz - Up To Something (Official Video)

Naaz - Words (Official Video)

Naaz plays the Sunday of Longitude on 15 July. Get your tickets here.