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New Music: Greyface

The Dublin alternative band mixing hip-hop, rock and electronica and performing high energy theatrical shows.

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GREYFACE is an alternative group from Dublin. The band’s philosophy is loosely based on the universal Freudian/Jungian ideas of the inner shadow. Each member of the group names and paints this inner being most people choose to ignore or reject for its undesirability. The ‘shadow’ is the unknown within each human being.

The group refers to their shadow as their ‘GREYFACE’ taking these ideas to the stage in a theatrical and explosive way.

Through high-energy performance, the band perform a stylized mix of music branching from hip-hop, to rock, to electronica. The group performs very regularly, recently opening for ‘As It Is’ in The Academy Dublin, and performing at Wacken Open Air in Germany.

The current lineup of GREYFACE consists of the following five members: Shaye – Vocals, St. Lawrence – Guitar, Evra – Bass, Éalú – Drums and Sluagh – Keyboards.

Each performer in the group attempts to aid in the mise en scéne of every show by bringing their intimate and unique character to life. Having strong backgrounds in theatre/theatrical performance, the drama of each performance is heightened not only by each members individual ‘Greyface’ but frequently by stage props, actors, and dancers with high energy performance styles.


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