Summer wrap-up: Our favourite tracks released this season ⚡☀

With Autumn just a few days away, we looked back into the summer months and all the new releases we were listening to on repeat.

This summer might not have been the hottest temperature-wise, but the season brought some great new music releases.

Looking back into this summer, at the beginning of June, Charlie Cunningham shared the video from his live session for ‘Permanent Way’ filmed at Flesh & Bone Studios in Hackney. The song is the first track of his homonym new album released on 6 June — a wonderful live version of a beautiful song, it’s safe to say it was on repeat for days. Watch below:

A little further down the month, on June 21, Two Door Cinema Club released their fourth studio album ‘False Alarm’ via Prolifica Inc/PIAS and we instantly went back to rewatch and listen to ‘Satellite’ released a little earlier in the year.

On June 25, it was time to catch up with The Sherlocks and their new music video for NYC (Sing It Loud) — a single taken from their upcoming album ‘Under Your Sky’, out 4 October.

July started with the right foot, as right in the second day of the month we were already gifted with the release of Of Monster and Men tease for their new album ‘Fever Dream’ (out now) and a stunning music video for the track ‘Alligator’.

A couple of days later, the ‘Summer’s Song’ — the Villagers new single —  was unanimously agreed as the perfect track to sit back and enjoy the season.

By the end of the month, on 22 July, we saw the follow up on the story The Lumineers have been slowly revealing for their new album. ‘It Wasn’t Easy To be Happy for You’  is the fourth part of the story and the fourth song of  ‘III’ — which will be available on 13 September. It’s beautiful and emotional — we can’t wait to listen to the whole album and watch the full story soon.

At the end of July, Julia Michaels released ‘Inner Monologue Part 2’ and we just couldn’t stop listening to ‘Hurt Again’ again and again. Listen now:

Jumping to August, we have seen the release of Slipknot sixth studio album ‘We are not Your Kind’ —  which hit n.01 in the Irish Chars. Listen to ‘Unsainted’:

On the same day, Dublin four-piece band The Riptide Movement released their eagerly anticipated new single ‘Something Special’ — a great tune and very cool video. What’s not to love? Watch below:

To finish off the summer: Liam Gallagher with ‘One of Us’ — a new song from his recently released album Why Me? Why Not.’. The video was written and directed by Peaky Blinders creative duo Steven Knight and Anthony Byrne. Worth the watch! See below:


Enjoyed our Summer Review?

Here are the upcoming show dates from the artists mentioned:


▪ Charlie Cunningham — 12 November 2019 | Dublin. Get Tickets ›

▪ Two Door Cinema Club — 14 & 16 October 2019 | Dublin & Belfast. Get Tickets ›

▪ The Sherlocks — 4 October 2019 | Dublin & 5 October 2019 | Belfast. Get Tickets ›

▪ Of Monsters and Men — 24 October 2019 | Belfast. Get Tickets ›

▪ Villagers — Multiple Dates & Locations. Get Tickets ›

▪ The Lumineers — 29 November 2019 | Dublin. Get Tickets ›

▪ Julia Michaels — 12 September 2019 | Dublin. Get Tickets ›

▪ Slipknot — 14 January 2020 | Dublin. Get Tickets ›

▪ The Riptide Movement — Multiple Dates & Locations. Get Tickets ›

▪ Liam Gallagher — 23 & 24 November 2019 | Dublin. Get Tickets ›

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