Read: Seven fun facts about Years & Years!

Years & Years have had a great year with their hit songs ‘King’, ‘Worship’ and ‘Shine’ all released from their debut album, ‘Communion’. The band topped the ‘BBC Sound of 2015’, a title which has previously been claimed by Adele and Jessie J. Their single ‘King’ went to number one in the UK chart in March 2015 and number three in the Irish chart. The band performed at Glastonbury 2015 and attracted such a huge crowd that security had to stop letting people into the tent!

So as it seems there are a lot of exciting times ahead for Years & Years we decided to tell you a few more fun facts about the band before they play at Longitude Festival this weekend at Marley Park!


1. The band formed in 2010 even though they only shot to fame this year

2. They used to have five members before two decided to leave the group.


3. They toured with Sam Smith in 2014


4. Frontman Olly Alexander’s full name is Olly Alexander Thornton and he joined the band because Mikey heard him singing in the shower!


5. Olly used to be an actor and starred in ‘The Riot Club’, ‘Skins’, ‘Bright Star’ and ‘Great Expectations’


6. Their songs reflect the type of music they listen to – Mikey listens to ‘Marilyn Manson’ and ‘Metallica’, Emre listens to ‘The Beatles’ and they all listen to Country and Western music


7. They have many celebrity fans including Katy Perry and Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad


Have you got your tickets to see Years & Years play at Longitude Festival this weekend 17-19 July?