Plan your perfect Valentine’s day.

Sometimes it’s not easy to plan the perfect date for your loved one, so we’ve made it a bit easier on you. Don’t just stick to the cliches,  give the gift of an experience, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Wheater you want to plan an evening out on the night of the 14h, or give your love the gift of a future event, we’ve got you covered. Can’t decide what event is right for them? Check out our personas below to find the closest one to your significant other, to give you a hint to what they might just like.


The Adrenaline Junkie

This person loves loud music, adventure and anything with a bit of dangerous excitement.

The Jester

They love to laugh, play pranks and will rarely be caught with a serious face.

The Kid at Heart

Full of imagination and wonder, this person is not ashamed to let their inner child out.

The Rebel

Full of energy, drive and passion, never one to shy away from any situation.

The Hopeless Romantic

Lover of all things soft and cuddly. You can’t even mention their favourite romantic film, without them shedding a tear.


The Culture Vulture

Captivated by great art, literature and poetry, and lives for cultural events.