Michael Bolton 3ARENA: Security Advisory

Security information for the upcoming Micahel Bolton show at 3Arena.

Due to recent events and heightened awareness, the following policies will apply regarding all shows in 3Arena. We ask that you carefully review the following updated security restrictions and protocols that will apply:
Backpacks, larger purses or bags are not allowed; only purses or clutches measuring 4.5in/11.4cm x 6.5in/16.51cm or smaller will be allowed.
A full body pat down search and/or metal detector search will take place prior to venue entry.
Pocket contents will need to be completely emptied and viewed during the search process.
We encourage patrons to minimize jackets and additional layers when possible.
Reviewing the above policies in advance and adhering to them the night of the show will ensure that everyone gains entry to the venue in a safe and timely manner. As always, we encourage fans to arrive early as it could take more than 1 hour to get through the security checks.
We thank you in advance.