Johnny Marr #VerifiedFan FAQ

Johnny Marr is coming to Europe!

JOHNNY MARR cares about his fans and understands there are going to be more people who want to see him on tour than there will be available tickets. He’s committed to getting tickets in the hands of fans. Not touts or bots. So he’s collaborating with Ticketmaster to sell tickets for his tour through the Verified Fan platform – a unique fan-first technology that levels the playing field so that software isn’t getting tickets, the fans are.

JOHNNY MARR’S #VerifiedFan registration closes on Sunday April 15th @ 23:59, local time.

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We want to help as many of you as possible to see JOHNNY MARR. As the #VerifiedFan onsale approaches, here are some tips to help answer any questions.

How do I register for the #VerifiedFan sale?

Go to , select the show you want to attend, and complete the registration form.

Where does the #VerifiedFan program apply?

Johnny Marr is using #VerifiedFan for his dates in UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

When does registration close?

Registration closes on Sunday April 15th @ 23:59, local time.

Can I register for the #VerifiedFan from any country?

Yes, you can register for the #VerifiedFan onsale from any country.

If I register for #VerifiedFan onsale do I need to include my country code with my phone number?

Yes, when registering include the country code with your telephone number.

Can I register for the #VerifiedFan onsale more than once?

Fans may only register once per country for the #VerifiedFan onsale.

I registered more than once, will I be disqualified?

Don’t worry, you will not be disqualified.

I got a confirmation email, what does that mean?

On the evening before the sale begins, you will be notified by e-mail if you have been successful in getting a #Verifiedfan onsale code. The codes will be sent via SMS on the morning of the sale.

Does registering mean I get a code?

Only once you are verified, you’ll receive an SMS on Wednesday April 18th prior to the Presale at 10AM (venue local time). Please note, tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis and getting an access code does not guarantee tickets.

Does getting a code mean I will get tickets?

If you receive an access code you will have the chance to unlock access to tickets. However, due to demand, the ability to purchase tickets is not guaranteed.

If I get a code will it work for more than one date?

If you are successful in receiving a code, it will work only for show you registered for. For example, if you registered for Paris, your code will not work for London.

When is the #VerifiedFan onsale?

The #VerifiedFan onsale starts Wednesday April 18th at 10AM (local venue time) for fans who receive codes.

What is the ticket limit?
There is a strict two (2) ticket limit per order.

How much will tickets cost?

Ticket links will be updated with pricing information prior to the onsale. Pricing is subject to change and fees + taxes will apply.

If my parent or guardian uses their credit card to buy, does the person’s whose name is on the card have to attend the show?

No. The tickets will be in the Ticketmaster account holder’s account. (Remember, receiving a code does not guarantee tickets.)