Five Key Facts You Need To Know About Keywest

Keywest have experienced a lot of success and play gigs at The Grand Social this week. Here are five key facts every Keywest fan should know:


  1. Keywest is made up of two Dublin members – singer Kav (Andy Kavanagh), and Glove (Andrew Glover) who plays keys and rhythm guitar, and three London members – bass player, Sam Marder, lead guitarist Jimi Lock and drummer H (Harry Sullivan).
  2. They became famous for busking on the streets, particularly on Grafton Street, Dublin and Shop Street, Galway.
  3.  Keywest’s 2012 album “The Message” went triple platinum in Ireland.
  4.  The band won an award for Hotpress Magazine’s ‘Most Promising Act’.
  5. The band’s new album “Joyland” reflects songs that were recorded to be performed on the streets and make passers by stop and listen. “Joyland”, “Reaper at the Door” and “Soldier On” are about the band’s journey and “All My Mistakes”, “Carousel” and “iGeneration” are songs composed to have the crowd singing along.


Watch the official video for “All My Mistakes” from Keywest‘s new album, “Joyland”:


Keywest - All My Mistakes


Keywest play at The Grand Social on 15, 16, 18 & 19 December 2015. Limited tickets are still available!