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Everything you need to know to get tickets for the Olivia Rodrigo GUTS world tour

Olivia Rodrigo brings the GUTS world tour to 3Arena, Dublin on 30 April 2024

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Registration for Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS world tour is now closed.

There has been incredible fan demand for Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS world tour, and even after the tour added 20 additional dates to meet the demand, there are still more fans who registered than there are tickets available. As a result, a limited number of fans who registered were randomly selected to receive access to the sale based on availability of tickets while the majority were placed on the waitlist.

No additional access codes will be sent to waitlisted fans during the sales on Thursday. Instead, if tickets remain, they may receive an email on the morning of Friday, September 22 about an additional opportunity for tickets. In this scenario, it is expected that standard  tickets may be unavailable and options may only reflect specific sections or price levels – including limited view and Charity Platinum tickets


Ireland Dates:

30 April 2024, 3Arena, Dublin

1 May 2024, 3Arena, Dublin

Fans must register for access to the ticket sale to help block bots, reduce resale and get more tickets directly into the hands of fans who want to attend the show. 

Why do I need to register?

Because tickets are limited: When there simply aren’t enough tickets for everyone who wants them, random selection gives all fans who successfully registered a chance to be selected to participate in the sale. 

Because it helps reduce bots: Registration helps filter out bots that gain an unfair advantage over fans who want to go to the show. Knowing who should be in the queue ahead of time also makes it easier for us to identify and block suspicious bot-like activity.

Registration does not guarantee access to the sale, or tickets. We expect there will be more demand than there are tickets available, meaning only a limited number of randomly selected fans will gain access to the sale. Only fans that receive a unique

access code will be able to access the sale. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

How do I register?

Simply fill out the registration form for your preferred show(s). You may only register once in each country. You will receive an email confirmation for each registration you complete.

Next, you’ll receive an email on Wednesday 20 September and one of two things will happen:

A) If you’ve been randomly selected to access the sale, you will receive a unique code via email. The number of fans who receive access depends on the number of tickets available. Note: Codes only work with your account; they cannot be bought or sold. 

B) If you’ve been waitlisted you may be randomly selected to join the sale if tickets remain. You’ll be notified via email if that happens. 

Please remember:

  • This sale can only be accessed by the randomly selected individuals who registered and received a unique access code. 
  • Registering does not guarantee you’ll get a code, and receiving a code does not guarantee you will get a ticket.


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