Dua Lipa live at Studio 2054

The superstar has announced a huge livestream gig at London's Studio 2054.

Studio 2054 is Dua’s kaleidoscopic rocket-fuelled journey through time, space, mirrorballs, roller discos, bucket hats, belting beats, throbbing basslines and an absolute slam dunk of the best of times in global club culture throughout the decades. Studio 2054 is an electrifying experience that sees Dua sing, dance, ride on the rhythm, walk the ballroom and own the dancefloor with an interstellar cast of guest stars, surprise performers, acrobats, and artists to tracks from her debut album, the multi-platinum “Future Nostalgia” and her most recent “Club Future Nostalgia”.

This very special event took place on Friday 27 November and is now available to view on demand alongside the Behind the Show documentary. Tickets are available now