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The alternative and indie Irish artist Eoin French, also known as Talos acclaimed by its debut album ‘Wild  Alee’.

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Genre: Alternative & Indie

From: Cork, Ireland.

Latest Release: Far Out Now (2019).

Style: While Talos will always be deeply connected to his native Ireland, his stunning sophomore album,  ‘Far  Out  Dust,’ draws on a far wider perspective,  melding tracks written and recorded in New York, Los Angeles, London, Dublin, Cork, and Reykjavik.  The influence of the unknown runs deep here,  invigorating  French’s haunting blend of organic and electronic music with a gorgeous sense of discovery and wonder.

But  where  Talos’  acclaimed  debut,  ‘Wild  Alee,’  was  a solitary  affair  about  isolation  and  escape,  ‘Far  Out  Dust’  finds  French  and  his longtime  production  partner,  Ross  Dowling  (James  Vincent  McMorrow,  Bell  X1), branching  out  to  explore  new  sounds  and  spaces,  teaming  up  with  a  slew  of collaborators  including  producers  Doug  Schadt  (Maggie  Rogers,  Wet)  and Valgeir Sigurðsson (Sigur Ros, Feist), drummer Ian Chang (Son Lux), and mixer Damian  Taylor  (Bjork,  Arcade  Fire).


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Listen to… his new album ‘Far Out Dust’.

Watch… Tethered Bones’ from debut album ‘Wild Alee’.

Talos // Tethered Bones (Official Video)


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Photo Credit: Brendan Canty