Discover the Artist: Lyra

The Cork singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with hit single 'Falling'.

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A perfect blend of dark electronic pop, LYRA’s creativity manifests itself in songs, stories and art. Her love of vocal talents such as Kate Bush, Lykke Li and Bat for Lashes is obvious: part vintage, part contemporary, she exudes a sense of being free from the constraints of time and era.

Genre: Electronic / Pop

From: Cork, Ireland

Latest Release: Single ‘Mother’. An ode to LYRA’s Mum’s powerful words of encouragement to forget your insecurities and rise above the haters.

“The song is about growing up and wrestling with who I was – something I think we all go through at one point or another in this crazy thing called life! Growing up I was teased about my appearance quite a bit and then, as I began to sing, also my voice. It definitely got me down – especially about the singing because I felt like I’d found my passion but was ashamed of doing it.


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My mum always told me to rise above it all, accept myself as I was, to be proud of that and enjoy life… It’s not always easy – I still have insecurities and worry about all sorts of things – who doesn’t –  but this song’s a reminder to pick your ass up, give it a big old shake to get the dust off & go hell for leather with anything and everything you want to do – and always remember to encourage others to do the exact same!”

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Listen to… her single ‘Mother’.

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