Bruce Springsteen & Chris Martin:Fill Bono’s Shoes

The World AIDS Day (RED) annual concert took place in New York’s Time Square yesterday, 1 December.

As U2’s lead singer Bono is still recovering from a recent bike accident in Central Park last month, he was unable to attend the event.

Bono needed to have three metal plates and 18 screws to help heal injuries suffered to his upper arm, which was shattered in six places.

To avoid the concert being cancelled due to Bono’s accident, Bruce Springsteen and Chris Martin were happy to stand in for Bono on the night.

Bruce and Chris performed on stage alongside the other U2 band members Adam Clayton, The Edge and Larry Mullen Jr.

The night’s main theme highlighted the fight against AIDS, and also supported an injured Bono.

Bruce Springsteen said “he hoped the 54-year-old was recovering in Dublin”, and Martin told the crowd after performing: “Sending my love to Bono.

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