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Robo Riots: Robot Wars In Dublin

Robo Riots bring famous robots from BBC's hit TV show, Robot Wars, to battle it out live in Dublin. 4 shows over 2 days; 16 and 17 November at the National Basketball Arena, Dublin.

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The biggest, baddest, strongest and fastest next-generation robots from BBC’s hit TV show Robot Wars including; Thor and Diotoir fighting against veterans such as Ripper and KingB alongside robots such as Iron Heart and Teresa Mayhem all presided over by Shunt the Robot Wars’ house robot.

Their ultimate goal is to destroy or disable the opponent to reign supreme in Robot Combat Sports. This is the first full length heavyweight combat robot tournament of its scale in Ireland.

Robo Riots is organised by the Robot Wars Irish team who created the flaming furball Diotoir, headed by Irish Roboticist Peter Redmond. Speaking about the event, Redmond said: “Robot battling is a true sport of the future. It has all the right elements: mad science, gladiatorial combat, plucky garage inventors, and hi-tech machinery. Brutally effective, utterly vicious machines have now evolved from one based on an engineering challenge, to that of hi-tech operational challenge with space age materials.”

But it’s not just combat robots! There will also be celebrity robots like R2-D2, a Dalek, a Minecraft creeper and AL-1X – Robo Riots’ very own Z-list celebrity robot. How about boxing robots? Seven-foot rockem sockem boxing robots will be trading haymakers in a no holds barred one-on-one slugfest to literally knock each other’s block off.

Tour Dates:

Saturday 16 November 12:00

Saturday 16 November 16:00

Sunday 17 November 12:00 

Sunday 17 November 16:00

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