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Random Acts of Kindness Day ✨

We are celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day giving away Ticketmaster eGift cards to some of our fans today!

Today, Monday, 17th February is officially Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Random Acts of Kindness Day was created to inspire us all to be kinder to one another and enjoy the little things in life. You can read more about the movement and get a few ideas on daily kindness practices here:

To celebrate we will surprise a few of our fans giving away eGift Cards today. Anyone who has already purchased tickets on this month (between Saturday 01 – Sunday 16 February 2020) and is currently opted in to receive marketing emails from us are eligible for entry to our draw where winners will be randomly chosen to receive a treat from us: a €20 eGift Card.

We hope you are one of the lucky winners! Check out your email to see if you received a Random Act of Kindness from us! ♥

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