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Collector Tickets

Collector tickets are a great keepsake from your favourite shows!

Whether it’s seeing your favourite band take the stage or your sports team finally lifting the championship cup after a long season, our collector tickets will take you right back to the memory of your favourite event. They’re a neat and stylish way to display your tickets and look great on the wall too!

These are a treasured keepsake for any fan and not only are they great to cherish long after the dust has settled on the dance floor but they get you into the gig as well!  The bar code will be scanned at the door and you can wear it around your neck for the rest of the night and show everyone just how big a fan you are.

Collector tickets are available for selected events, enjoy your event and the memories!


PAST EVENTS Collector tickets :









Can I order one normal ticket and one collector ticket? 

Not at the moment. The way we print and pack tickets means that order must be a collector ticket or a standard ticket.

How do collector tickets work? 

They work just like normal tickets, present it at the gates, the bar code will be scanned and you’re free to enter.

Do I have to wear the collector ticket around my neck?

No not at all, we just recommend that you do so you don’t lose it.