State of Play 2019: Festivals in Ireland

This year, Ticketmaster annual research, State of Play brings interesting data from 2018 festivals.

Here are some interesting facts from Festival attendance in Ireland in 2018:

>> 32% of the Irish population attended at least one festival in 2018. In comparison, nearly 2 in 3 of the Turkish population attended a festival in 2018 accounting for 64% in attendance, this is being the highest percentage in the markets surveyed.

>> The average age of festival attendees in Ireland is 37 years old, where the average across all other Ticketmaster markets is 39. Finland has the oldest festival attendees, with the average being 43 and Australia and New Zealand with the youngest festival crowd, with an average of 35.

>> In Ireland, 53% of festival attendees are male and more likely to be employed or a student, than retired or a house spouse.

>> In Ireland, 47% of those who attended a festival in 2018 has travelled internationally to attend a festival before. Of that 47 %, 1 in 5 have travelled once to go to a festival, but 1 in 10 have travelled more than 5 times to do so.

>> In Ireland, 30% of festival attendees use dating apps such as Tinder, while the highest percentage of dating app usage is in Spain with 59% and the lowest in the Czech Republic with 20%.

>> Concerts and attractions (e.g. flower shows, food expos) were the most popular event attended in 2018 in Ireland, with over half of the population has attended at least 1 of these events in 2018.

>> Festivals were the second to last most attended event, where 1 in 3 (32%) of the population attended at least 1 festival in 2018.

>> Festival attendees are avid event attendees, 9 in 10 have also attended a concert in 2018 and 3 in 4 have also attended a family, attractions, theatre, art, and sporting events.

>> Festival attendees are more likely to be male than female.

>> They are younger than the average population and are more likely to live in Dublin and less likely to live in Leinster and Connacht.

>> Festival-goers are higher adopters of tech, likely related to the fact they are younger on average and 3x more likely to be using a dating app and Twitter than people who haven’t attended a festival.

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