Ben Phillips has special treat for fans at Dublin show next week

The Live Cinematic Experience

Facebook phenomenon Ben Phillips embarks on a pioneering tour with The Live Cinematic Experience including a date for Dublin next Saturday 3 September at The Odeon, Point Village. VIP Upgrades are now available which include:

  • A Post-Show Meet & Greet with a selfie opportunity
  • A VIP Laminate
  • Exclusive signed merchandise
  • A Bag of Popcorn and a soft drink

Tickets and VIP upgrades to Ben Phillips – The Live Cinematic Experience Dublin show can be purchased here.

Message from Ben Phillips

Guys i cant wait to see you all on my first ever TOUR!! And wow i cant believe im taking it around the world and it’s all thanks too you guys ❤️

As an extra treat as you might know we’re doing a VIP package which means you’ll get to meet me, Elliot (if you want to ) and maybe some other special guests…as well as exclusive signed merch, a special limited tour pass, popcorn and a drink (as it’s a cinema show of course ☺️) and you can grab our signatures if you can read them

AANNDD I’m now offering a golden ticket chance to anyone that has already upgraded or gets one before the end of the month … I’ll be doing Skype calls with 2 random winners from each city we visit this tour is all about guys, I wish I could Skype you all!!!

Really can’t wait to meet you all and thanks a million (or a 8 Million ) for your support

If you fancy getting hold of this VIP package then all you have to do is upgrade your existing ticket where you bought your original ticket from

If not i hope you enjoy the show, and if you dont…then remember – it could be worse you could be Elliot