Remembering Maeve Binchy

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We attended an event remembering the great Maeve Binchy. For the first time ever one of her novels, Minding Frankie, is being brought to life on stage at the Gaiety Theatre from 6 -17 June, and many people gathered at the Gaiety Theatre to celebrate Maeve’s life and the adaptation of one of her wonderful stories for the stage.

Her husband, Gordon Snell spoke of his time with Maeve, recounting fond memories of when they used to write side by side, and seek criticism from each other, whether it was gladly accepted or not. He said he felt lucky that he had met Maeve and had her in his life.

Shay Linehan, who adapted the book for the stage also spoke. His admiration for Maeve was clear and stated that it was really a no-brainer to adapt this story for the stage. Minding Frankie is a family love story. Full of Maeve Binchy’s trademark wisdom, warmth, and humour. Directed by Peter Sheridan and starring Steve Blount and Clare Barrett.

Noel Lynch is struggling with an alcohol addiction, when he gets a call from Stella, a girlfriend with whom he shared a drunken weekend. Stella is having Noel’s child; she is also dying from cancer. Noel must raise their daughter, Frankie. Social worker, Moira Tierney, has other ideas, and is prepared to do battle for custody of the child. In order to prevail, Noel must prove that he can fill a woman’s shoes, break all the stereotypes, and become the best mother than he can be. Along the way, he discovers that it takes a village to rear a child, or at least a street.

The play has shown at smaller theatres in Autumn 2016 and each night it received a standing ovation from the audience, so the Gaiety Theatre audience is in for a treat in June. Get your tickets here.