3 Hail Mary’s – Extra Shows Announced

Due to demand extra dates have just been added at the Olympia Theatre.

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Following sell-out shows at The Olympia Theatre, the smash-hit comedy ‘3 Hail Mary’s’ returns for three extra performances on Thursday 30th, Friday 31st May and Saturday 1st June.

Set in an Irish nursing home in 2016 this is a is a comedy that will have you in tears of laughter.  3 Hail Mary’s is by Tommy Marren, writer of acclaimed comedies “It’s The Real McCoy” and “Nobody’s Talking to Me”.

The play focuses around three characters, the 3 Mary’s, who have lived in a nursing home for over ten years and centres on their last few hours together before they are moved to separate nursing homes due circumstances beyond their control.

Mary O’Toole – a very religious character with a devotion to Our Lady of Knock.
Mary O’Neill – a Londoner who moved to Ireland when she married a Kerry man.
Mary O’Brien – a retired nurse who has traveled to almost every corner of the world.

Photo credit: Patrick O’Leary.

With lots of hilarious one-liners join the Mary’s as they laugh, cry, argue, sing, dance and recount their life experiences.

Expect a number of twists throughout the play that finishes with the 3 Mary’s performing an original song, “I’m Really Still The Same” by Tommy Marren.

The productions have received standing ovations from audiences who are captivated by the characters and the story.

With dementia so prevalent in Ireland, this is a thought provoking and funny play and the script has been meticulously crafted to ensure it is sensitive and compassionate to the subject of memory loss.

See The 3 Hail Mary’s at The Olympia Theatre, Dublin.  Buy Tickets here.

Some social media comments from audiences who have seen the play:

“Fantastic show really enjoyed.  So professional and a great storyline.”

“A brilliant script.  A fairly sensitive subject dealt with really well.  Loved everything about this show and fell in love with the 3 Mary’s right from the start.”

“This is just brilliant.  A great script and the singing really added to the nursing home atmosphere.  The song at the very end was class!”

“This is the first play I ever laughed and cried at on the same night.  So many emotions and just so well put together.  The song at the end just summed it all up.  A special night.”

“As someone who works in a nursing home I have to say this crowd really nailed it!  It was just brilliant.”

“What a song at the end of the show.  It says it all.  The best night I had in years.”

“It takes something special to be able to write a comedy centred on the subject of dementia but fair play to this script.  It was just an extraordinary piece of writing and beautiful characterisations from the 3 Marys in particular.  Have to see this one again.”

“Great night.  Never laughed and cried so much in two hours.  I got lost in the story and the song at the end was just incredible.”