Ticketmaster Ireland: New for 2020

Discover incredible new music and concerts for up-and-coming talent to see live in 2020.

Ticketmaster Ireland: New for 2020 is our curated list of the biggest upcoming artists and bands for this year! New for 2020 introduces the hottest new emerging live bands and musicians to listen to and see live in 2020.

New for 2020: Uly

Received as a fresh and unique addition to the local Irish independent music scene, Uly combines a love of old-school deep soul, jazz, funk, dusty production quality and topped with some pop sensibilities.

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New for 2020: Lennon Stella

Singer, songwriter, actress, and multi-instrumentalist, Lennon Stella catalogues her life in real-time with a pen, piano, and guitar transposing momentary feelings of longing, loss, love, nostalgia, and bliss into delicate, dynamic, and diaristic pop music.

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