Zedd had some very special guests at his concert in Minneapolis on Halloween night!

Zedd played the last night of his North American ‘True Colors’ tour in Minneapolis on Saturday night. Fans were apparently left in awe after Zedd brought out five very special guests on stage including Steve Aoki, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, A-Trak and Alex Metric. However all may not be as it seems with speculation that Zedd may have dressed up as each performer and played their DJ set. This brings a whole new level to Halloween costumes! Deadmau5 was apparently in Los Angeles on Saturday and Steve Aoki in Calgary. The performance caused a lot of hype from fans on Twitter, with Zedd retweeting messages and photos of the performance from fans!

Whether the performers were really there or not it looked like a spectacular show!


Zedd plays a sold out show at The Academy, Dublin on 26 November with support from Vindata!