Interview:Million Dollar Reload

We got to chat with Brian Mallon, guitarist for Million Dollar Reload before their upcoming show at Empire Music Hall, Belfast this February.

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  1. How would you describe your music?
    – Guitar driven Rock N’ Roll with catchy vocals and singalong choruses.
  2. What’s your favourite song to play live?
    – It varies for each member I guess. Bullets in the Sky would be up there as it gets the best crowd reaction, its the track that probably brought us the most success. We’re really enjoying jamming some of the older songs too, songs we hadn’t played since the start of the band.
  3. What do you do to prepare for a show?
    – Everyone warms up, guitars, vocals drumming etc. Usually jam a few songs in the dressing room. Then of course the traditional shot of Jack Daniels right before we go on!
  4. What was it that made you decide to play this gig?
    – When Million $ Reload ended, we never really had the opportunity to do that one final show. For a few years we never saw each other and everyone was off doing different things, but a chance meeting with our guitar player Andy began the process of us reconnecting and talking about doing one last show. Its really a way to say thank you to all the fans that supported us over the years and an opportunity for us to play the old songs one more time.
  5. Name some musicians that inspire you
    – Everyone in M$R comes from a slightly different musical background. Aerosmith, The Black Crowes, Guns N Roses, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Iron Maiden… its really the classic bands that were an inspiration for what we collectively done.
  6. What is the proudest moment for the band?
    – There’s been so many. Playing Download Festival for the first time was a dream come true. Getting our debut album released in Japan and it selling out in a few days was amazing. Playing to a sold out Ulster Hall with The Darkness… so many great times.
  7. If you could collaborate with any musician/band dead or alive who would it be?
    – That’s a tough one. Freddie Mercury, Phil Lynott, Steven Tyler… if you asked every member I’d bet their list would be different… maybe even a few surprises threw in there.
  8. What can a fan expect at your show?
    – It’s going to be an amazing night! The bands sounding great in rehearsals and we’re really excited about the show. It’ll be an chance for everyone to get to hear all the old songs one last time.
  9. Anything else to add?
    – Since we announced the gig we’ve received countless emails and messages from people, some even travelling around the world to be there at the show. We’d just like to say thanks for the support, it means a lot! Some people going are fans that followed us from back in the day, but for many others that got into the band too late this is their first time seeing M$R live. We’re blown away my all the support and can’t wait to do it all one last time! See you all on the 9th!

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