Interview: tmBlog chats to Tracii Guns

Tracii Guns is one of the most influential guitarists to emerge from the 80’s Hollywood scene and has played with numerous well known bands and solo artists. He formed the band Guns ‘n’ Roses with Axl Rose but subsequently left the group. He also formed LA Guns with Danny Nordahl (bass), Chad Stewart (drums and percussion) and Jizzy Pearl (vocals) with whom he has had a lot of success.

We spoke to Tracii before his upcoming gig in Belfast…


What has been the best moment of your career to date?

The whole experience has been amazing.

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?

Estas Tonne comes to mind.

Of all the songs you have recorded, can you pick a favourite?

Hahahahahaha I could not choose just one.

Tell us one unusual fact about yourself!

I don’t like crowds although this seems to be the environment I find myself in most often.

What is your most prized possession?

My 1971 Volkswagen Transporter.


Name three of your favourite musicians.

Randy Rhoads, Enya, Jimmy Page.

Do you think the music industry has changed a lot?

It changes Daily . I am fortunate within this industry.

Did you have an idol when you were growing up?

My parents are my idols.


Tracii Guns plays with LA Guns at Voodoo, Belfast on Wednesday 16 September. Find tickets here.


Photo Credit: Tracii Guns