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The Gleneagle INEC Arena is officially rebranded!

INEC Killarney is now officially rebranded as The Gleneagle INEC Arena following an investment in production and technology and an increase of patron capacity.

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The INEC Killarney has officially rebranded as The Gleneagle INEC Arena, with Picture This set to play the inaugural concert this evening, 20th December (read more about the announcement »). It’s a fitting beginning for The Gleneagle INEC Arena, as Picture This first played the Killarney venue back in 2015 on their ‘Journey starts here’ tour, and now, following their meteoric success, return for one special night, to mark that the Arena starts here.

The Gleneagle INEC Arena rebrand has come about as a result of investing over half a million euro in production and technology, across lighting, sound and audio-visual systems, and an increased patron capacity of 4142.  This means that they now have the infrastructure to cater for a wider variety of acts and artists.

Speaking on the Gleneagle INEC Arena rebrand Mark Egan said “This was a very important project for us – The re-branding of the venue to the Gleneagle INEC Arena accurately reflects the product on offer. Our new arena capacity coupled with our technological infrastructure enables us to cater for bigger and better touring productions which in turn provides a better customer and artist experience.  The feedback from the artists that play here is always really positive.    There is a certain kind of energy here, not replicated anywhere else.”


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