iBandaokeee International Contest Singers comes to The Academy this March

iBandaokeee International Contest Singers

The Academy, Dublin – 18 & 19 March 2016

Watch the 100 most talented new singers from the entire island of Ireland compete in this multi genre contest touring all around Europe and choose the future stars of the global music industry.

iBandaokeee International Contest Singers is a brand new music talent show built to discover new artists from around the world and to promote them on a global scale.

It is the first 100% web based contest for artists in which the contestants will be broadcasted to an international audience specifically built for the contest and directly evaluated by thismassive, ever-growing music-loving audience.

Come to this amazing 2  day contest held live at the Academy, Dublin on 18 & 19 March and watch  all 100 new incredibly talented singers unravel their skills and struggle to be Ireland’s chosen one to be promoted by future international star.

If you are interested in participating in the iBandaokeee International Contest Singers in Dublin or any other coty/country, please visit

Tickets are on sale now.