Tips for Purchasing High Demand Tickets

Check out some tips to give yourself the best chance to get tickets for your favourite shows.

Some shows will have high demand and lots of people will be trying to get tickets, so here are some tips to follow to give yourself the best chance to get yours.

Get an Account
Set up a Ticketmaster account now (Click here to set it up), make sure all your details are correct, especially your address. In the postcode section add your postcode or Eircode. Don’t know your Eircode? Find it here.

2.  Add your Billing Details
Add your card details to your account in advance. This will save you fumbling with your card when you go to purchase your tickets. Remember we take debit and credit cards.

3. Log into your Ticketmaster Account
Log into your account before tickets go on sale. This way, if you get tickets the rest of the purchasing process will be smooth and quick. Log in here.

  – Updating your password? Make sure you create an 8 digit alphanumeric password.

4. Use a Secure Connection
If possible, log in at home so that you have a reliable WiFi connection. Office and public WiFi will have high demand which may slow down your connection and the purchasing process.

5. Only Use One Browser/Tab
Don’t open multiple browsers or tabs. Doing so may cause the Ticketmaster system to think you are a robot, which will kick you out of the queue and you will be unable to purchase tickets.

6. Choose the correct option for delivery during purchase

For example if you live in Northern Ireland with a Northern Ireland billing address, choose Northern Ireland delivery, if you live in Republic of Ireland ensure Republic of Ireland delivery is selected.

Not sure if your booking went through? Check your emails, you should have a confirmation email from us, once you have this you’re all set!

If you experience an issue please try again on desktop or try a different browser.

Can’t print your tickets but have a booking confirmation? Don’t worry, there is a print delay on the event but you will be able to print closer to event date.




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